Fandom: Gravity Falls
Ship: future Dipper/Pacifica
AN: Woah, ok, so I meant to include like a paragraph with that Dippica fanart I drew but it got a little longer than that, so I didn’t want to include it under the picture like a wall of text. This sort of stops mid-sentence, since I have zero intention of continuing it. But whatever, decided to post it anyway because there is surprisingly little for this ship as it is. Boo. :<

Pacifica glared as she looked around the loud party, daring anyone to try and approach. It had been three weeks since she’d started college at  UCLA, and Pacifica was not happy. She was used to being the biggest dog in nowheresville, Gravity Falls. But here she was new and an unknown.

She didn’t like it.

As another boy tried to approach her, Pacifica scared the poor sod off with a mocking, unimpressed stare. For some reason her status as a freshman made every Tom, Dick, and Harry think they had a chance with her. Well, she’d have to fix that.

She’d spent a large amount of time walking around the frat house, keeping quiet, and trying to give off an aura that was both alluring and untouchable. The first rule of popularity was to get people interested and talking about her. But now she was tired and wanted to sit down.

She finally spotted an empty couch near the corner of the crowded living room and huffed out an annoyed breath. As she approached she got a better look at the couch and frowned. It was far from ideal, tattered and stained as it was, but that wasn’t unexpected. What was unexpected was the boy sitting on one side of it. She hadn’t seen him through the thick crowd of drunk students earlier, and now she didn’t feel like wading back through them to look for another seat. He wasn’t looking in her direction so she couldn’t see his face, but he looked unkept with his open plaid button down shirt, (strangely familiar) trucker cap. So she sat down, crossed her legs, and turned to look at her nails disinterestedly. She hoped at least that she hadn’t lost her touch completely and the dork on her left would know better than to even try and speak to her.

"Yo, you wanna dance?" Pacifica looked up at another guy who had approached her while she wasn’t paying attention, and looked him over critically. He was blonde, with a little long hair, and a lightly freckled face. He wasn’t too bad looking and normally she might have said yes, but he reeked of beer and he was hovering a little too close to be considered polite. She also wasn’t keen on how he’d phrased the question.

"Get lost, loser." She bit out and returned to staring at her nails.

There was a beat of silence before he muttered a “bitch,” and tottered off.

"That’s no way to make friends." An amused voice said to her left. Pacifica turned her head in disbelief, ready to say something sharp and a little mean to the dork but stopped and stared.

It had been a little over three years since she’d last seen Dipper Pines and she had thought that that had been the last of him. But here he was now, leaning back a little and giving her a tiny smirk.

She snapped her mouth shut and turned away from him.

"I’m not looking to make friends. I need minions who know their place." She said matter of factly as she looked at him from the corner of her eye.

Despite being the same age as her, Dipper still looked quite boyish, with his lightly messy hair and smooth clear skin. But there was a sharp cleverness and biting humor in his eyes that had Pacifica blushing irrationally. She could practically hear the grin in his voice as he spoke next.